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If an individual does not smoke, they might let you know that fact by writing NS.Usually non-smokers indicate that they are seeking a fellow non-smoker.This abbreviation, coined by sex columnist Dan Savage, means Good, Giving, Game, meaning that you are willing to indulge a partner’s fantasies, even if those fantasies might not be your exact cup of tea in the sack.Think of these online dating abbreviations like little clues that need to be deciphered.

Social drinkers or light drinkers identify themselves with a SD or LD.The example below compares "a" and "o" in a script where both consist of an incoming stroke, a loop from about 12 o'clock, and an outgoing stroke. The numbers 1 - 3 (I, II, III), usually written as upper-case Roman numerals, often have the appearance of a capital "T" or a series of capital "T's" with a dot above each "T." They are also sometimes written as lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii).Abbreviation for:cadaveric donorcaesarean delivery Canavan diseasecanine distempercapillary diametercarbon dioxidecardiac denervationcardiac diseasecardiac dysfunctioncardiovascular disease Castleman’s diseasecatalytic domaincathepsin Dcation dependentcause of deathceliac diseasecell deathcell densitycell dissociationcentre distancecerebellar degenerationcervical dystonia Chagas diseasechallenge dosechemical dependencychemical diabeteschiral discriminationcholine deficiencychronic dialysischronic dizzinesscigarettes/daycivil defence (Medspeak-UK)clinical dieticianclinical director (Medspeak-UK)clinical directorate (Medspeak-UK)cluster designationcluster of differentiation (Medspeak-UK)coal ductcocaine dependentcoeliac diseasecognitive deteriorationcollecting ductcolloidal dispersioncolonic distensioncolour discriminationcommercial dietcommon bile ductcomplete dentitioncomplete dietcomputer designconduct disorderconduction defectconduction disordercone degenerationcone dystrophyconjugated dieneconsanguineous donorconserved domainconstitutional delaycontact dermatitiscontagious diseasecontrol dietcontrolled drug, see there (Medspeak-UK)conventional dialysisconversion disorderconvulsive disorderconvulsive dosecorneal dystrophycoronary diseasecortical dysplasiacounting devicecourtship display Cowden’s disease Crohn’s diseasecultural deprivationcultural disadvantagecumulative dosecurative dose Cushing diseasecycle daycyclodextrincytosine deaminasecytosolic domaincytotoxic dosecystic ductcytoplasmic domain1. This is a standard descriptive code applied to antigenic surface molecules on white cells, especially T LYMPHOCYTES, that are identified by a particular group of monoclonal antibodies. MM stands for marriage minded, so you should only contact that individual if you are ready for a very long term commitment.Online daters even use abbreviations to let potential matches know what they like in the bedroom.

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