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Animated Centipede Brain Universe Mystery of Mia Human History Moog God Glass Worm 9999 Cables and God Square Reality Sphere Puzzle Gibson, Christ, Error Laurie Dhue Tiffany Shlain Da Vinci Code Iraq Insect Stone Face Corpse chess Creating life Chaos Scope Bathypelagic Woman Woman Fused Bird Crying 1000 Golems Woman & "Apples" Einstein Maze Mystery Dog Phyllodocida Twin Creatures Wasp Woman Woman on Bus Woman with Device-1 Woman with Device-2 Woman with machinery Heterochromous woman with eye Ultralineamentum Woman Fungi Mysterious message Paris Reality Woman with alien Red Button Recursive Mouth - .... (10/19/16) Romantic heart-shaped musical score by French composer Baude Cordier (10/18/16) This flowchart tells you when to worry about anything (10/17/16) How big are the planets, in fruits (10/16/16) The fractal gears of life and the universe (10/15/16) Inter-species interaction (10/14/16) The pace of change is great. 1961 and today (10/13/16) Claude Mellan's The Face of Christ (1649) was created from a single spiral line that starts at tip of Jesus's nose (10/12/16) Aliens Among Us.

(11/29/16) Math steps, for kids of all ages (11/28/16) The Harlingue monowheel in April 1914 ("aerial tractor") (11/27/16) Beautiful geometries everywhere.

More than 6 inches was forbidden (04/29/17) "Women Watching Stars," 1936.

(04/30/17) Policeman measures distance from knee to suit.

(11/22/16) Do you spot anything very unusual in this photo of a brick wall?

Can we identify 3 of the "principal high buildings of the old world"?

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