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Since the rise in her popularity, Koda has lent her face and songs to many advertisements.In 20, Oricon named Koda as the top selling artist of the year."Cherry Girl/Unmei" was the last single Koda released before releasing her fifth album Black Cherry in December.Black Cherry became the first female studio album to stay atop the charts for four weeks since Ayumi Hamasaki's album Duty.During her image change, Koda stated her concern about what her parents would think.When they approved and supported her, she chose to keep the style that would become infamous with her name: "ero-kakkoi".Jonathan Ross has called her the Christina Aguilera of Japan, while many also compare her career to that of Britney Spears.

Koda debuted on December 6, 2000, with the single "Take Back"; it was followed by "Trust Your Love", "Color of Soul" (both 2001), and "So into You" (2002).

"Take Back" peaked at number 18 on the Hot Dance Music/Maxi-Singles Sales chart; After the release of Affection, Koda released three singles.

"Love Across the Ocean", "Maze" (both 2002), and "real Emotion/1000 no Kotoba" (2003).

Koda's next single, "Yume no Uta / Futari de..." (2006), was a musical first for Koda, as she took full creative control over the production of the single and music video; she wrote the lyrics, chose the outfits, and produced the concepts for the videos of both songs.

Koda then recorded a cover of the Bubblegum Brothers' "Won't Be Long" with label-mates Exile.

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