Chrstians breaking up dating

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In order to understand that there IS marriage after divorce, we will examine the Scriptures in Matthew 19:3-12 focusing on the usage of the Greek word, apoluo.

The Greek word apoluo that’s translated “divorce” or “to put away” is a general word.

But in verse eight, because their hearts were so hardened against their spouse, Moses PERMITTED them to just separate without the husband giving the wife a certificate of divorce.

If the marriage partners knew that there was a godly way to escape from a failing marriage it would give the couple the freedom to “choose to love,” even when it’s not convenient. Marriage after being divorced is our heavenly Father's heart! Forbidding someone to remarry after they're divorced is bad doctrine.The only way for these people to come out of that confused state is to leave the church, and many have done just that.Not only do they leave the church to remarry, they also need to be able to make the right decision to divorce when it’s necessary in order to save themselves and their families before all is destroyed.

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