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Alongside these films were labels and shot lists suggesting the films’ content as prohibition melodrama, various depictions of urban life, shoreline vistas, and even some footage shot outside Illinois: Florida, California, Alaska.

Though the Anti-Cruelty Society's film collection used to be more vast, the nine items in this collection are all that remains.

The Chicago Public Library film collection is Chicago Film Archives' (CFA) founding collection.

CFA formed in order to care for this collection of about 5,000 16mm films that the library no longer could keep. A large number of films are educational and travel films, but there are also silent films, foreign and American-made theatrical films, documentaries, industrials, newsreels, sports events and children's films.

The film was never released, but won an award at the Venice Film Festival in 1971.

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Four of her films have been preserved by the National Film Preservation Foundation and the New York Women in Film & Television sponsored Women's Film Preservation Fund.It could be shown in an economics class without hesitation.The film also subtly extols the virtues of capitalism.The papers include a wealth of correspondence between Conneely and other amateur filmmakers, documents and publications from amateur film and photography associations, as well as photographs of Conneely and other filmmakers.The Robert & Theresa Davis collection primarily consists of travelogue films created by the Illinois-based husband and wife duo, Robert & Theresa Davis.

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