Depressed people dating who is bethany joy galeotti dating

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Then, when you start to descend into the depths, make sure to keep doing them.

If nothing else, it will help keep your life together, which can be a big part of minimizing depression.

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First a caveat: when it comes to depression, there’s no surefire fix and no easy cure. Depression is not constant; it waxes and wanes like the moon, depending on things like circumstance, health, and even diet.

One important rule is this: when you’re down in the depths, .

If you can, put off any major life changes until you feel more normal. If you’re still in the ‘looking’ phase, don’t look or try to initiate contact while you’re in the depths.

The thing to remember is that, when you’re in the depths of depression, the hardest part is taking that first step; making the effort to venture that first, tremulous effort to do something, to break out of it.

The fear is that it will only make things worse, just when it seems you can’t stand them to be any worse.

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