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However, the trade off will be antenna size and its design complexity.

Our results conclude that it is critical to carefully manage signal power and understand antenna design when wireless biosensors are placed in an area with high quantity of clay content.

The transformed plants were selected through kanamycin resistance and grown till T3 (third transgenic) generation.

The ACS gene expression of these plants will be confirmed through q PCR.

The homolog of poplar ACC synthase gene was PCR amplified from Arabidopsis thaliana and cloned into p BINmgfp5-er vector, featuring a constitutive cauliflower mosaic virus promoter removing the native jellyfish green fluorescent (GFP) gene.

We also found that at higher frequencies, the RF signal experiences 4-6 d B more attenuation in soil than air.

The exact value depends on the frequency and antenna polarization type.

These studies will open doors for use of transgenic plants to clean up environments.

Poster #: 2 Campus: Sonoma State University Poster Category: Agriculture/Biofuels/Environment Keywords: Biosensors, Wireless Biosensor Network , Soil Project Title: A Comparative Study of RF Wave Attenuation in Soil and Sand Author List: Palmerin, Abraham; Undergraduate, Engineering Science , Sonoma State University, Presenting Author Farahmand, Farid; Engineering Science, Sonoma State University Fong, Erin; Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Engineering Division Abstract: Soil is the most spatially complex stratum of a terrestrial ecosystem.

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