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York was the capital of the Earldom of Northumbria at this time.

The Earl of Northumbria, Morcar, as well as his brother, Edwin, Earl of Mercia, were both present in York.

The Witan had gathered to Westminster for the Christmas crown wearing ceremony, and so were on hand to deal with the succession.

Within 24 hours the matter was settled, and Harold Godwinsson was crowned on 6th January 1066 in Westminster Abbey.

Harold Godwinson had been the second most powerful man in England after the King.The map shows the jurisdictions in England on the eve of the Battle of Hastings.You can click on the map to see more of the country.Pitched battles were rare in any event, and three in a year would leave the country weakened and exhausted, whatever the outcome may be.In an agricultural society the disturbance of the farm year by fighting would result in lost or reduced harvests, and the loss of foodstores to hungry armies, whether friend or foe.

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