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-Jason appears on a radio show with Aaron Singerman.

He relays a message from Lee Priest who calls Jason out, calling him "retarded" and expressing doubt about his claims that he knows science. Jason insists that he's not retarded, and says that he is now coming out of the closet about being ADD, ODD and dyslexia, comparing himself to Lou Ferrigno.

An incident also occurs where Jason gets horny as fuck and chases a bikini figure model across the stage while she's doing her routine.

(Video) -After finding out that Ron Harris has been mocking Jason, he calls out Ron for being on steroids.

-One of Jason's biggest "fans", Gideon, makes the trip all the way from England to hang out with The Spaniard for a day.

Andrew and Gideon film the famous video at Target and Mc Donald's where they indulge The Spaniard's delusions for a day, and he first demonstrates his incredible proficiency at scarfing down fast food at record speeds.

He constantly mocks Genova for all of his obvious deficiencies.

The feud spans a solid year culminating in Josh making a mockumentary of Jason's "My Storie Part 1".

-In summer 2009, a chubby boy named Jason Genova uploads a video to You Tube called My Storie Part 1 where he proclaims his desire to become a pro bodybuilder.He and his crew (Jonas, Joey Joe Joe and Angel J) continue to upload My Story videos, Jason starts calling out pro bodybuilders and going on impromptu rants against his "haters".The first major event that propels Jason to fame is when he calls out bodybuilder Mark Alvisi, earning him attention from PJ Braun, Aaron Singerman, Ron Harris, and Layne Norton.There seems to be something "off" about this young man, but nobody can quite put their finger on what.His delusions and penchant for outrageous and unintentionally hilarious quotes make his videos a cult comedy hit.

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