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Page //default1Dear Karthicks Thank you very much for pointing it out.. ' I am marking this also as answer,,let other less understanding guys like me benefit..It is just for some reason, my breakpoint isn't working. The problem is that the new selected index in the Drop Dow List seems to be the original one. I used the Grid View designer, Allow Edit, Allow Delete, here is the code: Ok lets take a step back.You have the dropdownlist in a template field, and you are Binding to the variable "cat".

I am having trouble 'saving' the changes the user makes when editing text ina field on a gridview. I changed the autopostback so the value is now false I removed the On Selected Index Changed event handler The weird thing now is that I can't catch the breakpoint set in my Gridview On Row Updating event handler I able to catch the event before.I will attach the code in case there is something I have missed My mistake, the Row Updaing is firing.Once you get the other fields updating, the dropdown list should update with no problems, since you are using Bind().I would check the List Data Source Update function and make sure it is working properly. I thought perhaps because it was in a Web User Control, that is why I couldn't debug.

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