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Both sides claimed success after the trial’s opening.The wrestler’s attorney highlighted his testimony about suffering, and Gawker pointed out the disparities in what he said in character as opposed to his true persona.

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The wrestler said the incident occurred at a low-point as his marriage was ending, in a home where he had let down his guard.

Now O Globo has revealed that Ronaldinho will run for office next year, for Jair Bolsonaro’s Social Christian Party.

The former Barça star is waiting for Bolsonaro to make his candidature official, which will happen in March 2018, but he’s already been pictured with the politician, posing with his book.

Local media reports that this phrase has been repeatedly used by people who made parodies of the sex tape and shared them online - including Italian Serie A players Paolo Cannavaro, 35, and Antonio Floro Flores, 33.

The lawyer said: 'We have appealed to the right to be forgotten law.

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