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There are further concerns that LPAs could remove a safeguard provided by EPAs.

Registration of an EPA at the appropriate time notifies the person's bank, for example, that they are no longer able to deal with their finances.

They have the right to object to the registration of the LPA if they have concerns about the registration. Selecting people to notify of an application to register is one of the key safeguards to protect you if you make an LPA is the person the Donor must select to complete a Part B Certificate in the LPA form.

The certificate provider must confirm that the Donor understands the LPA and that the Donor is not under any pressure to make it.

Your family will then have to make an application to the Court of Protection (which holds your funds in the meantime) to be appointed as receivers to handle your affairs - often a lengthy and costly procedure.

A far better option is to choose a friend, relative or professional as an attorney.

The following are the different people involved in making an LPA.

If you're in good health and of sound mind, it's hard to imagine a time in your life when you will no longer be able to manage your own affairs.It is an important role and one that the person chosen has to agree to take on.A named person is someone chosen by the Donor to be notified when an application is made to register their LPA.An EPA is "like an insurance policy, where you hope it never happens", says Anne Lewis, partner at solicitors Cripps Harries Hall.But, she adds, it can make things far simpler than having to go through the Court of Protection.

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