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well not in comparison to other types of pictures anyway: As you can see, both the My Space angle and the cleavage shot are both poor performers when it comes to generating decent conversations…Comments such as “Hey nice rack” are likely to be ignored, or won’t kick off many meaningful conversations.Seeing so many people's inner thoughts and desires on Tinder has given me an interesting insight into what people want from dating and hookups in general. I think I wasn't good at meeting people in a dating mindset to start with.Have you learned anything from your Tinder experiences? What do you have to lose, the five calories it takes you to type out a hello with your thumb?Woman B: I think the one main thing I've learned is that most people just want to love and be loved, and the search for someone to do that with is sometimes long and arduous!

Read what MEN really think about using Tinder here. Woman B: Once or twice a week, depending on whether I'm actively having a conversation with someone or just browsing through. Sometimes it was a more mercenary approach — I wanted to get laid, or I was just restless and wanted to get out of the house. Woman C: Yes, one guy because he was really keen to meet. Our date ended when he took out his phone and showed me a picture of his penis. It was the first date I'd ever been on so I have limited means of comparison, but I think the mistake was that we spoke on Whatsapp (the Tinder UX is too annoying) for six weeks before we met.

Interestingly though, the attraction of a six-pack wears off as guys get older: If you’re 19, showing your abs will get you loads of attention.

But if you’re 31, the abs-effect is only slightly better than normal profile pictures.

Woman A: I used it from September 2014 to February 2015 — so five months — but I was a power user!

Woman B: I use it for dating and hookups, and I blog about my experiences. We all know someone who knows someone who met her serious boyfriend on Tinder. I never heard back from him after I not-so-gently turned down his advance. Those conversations were pretty good and it seemed we had a lot in common, but what I hadn't accounted for was how different online discussion is from real discussion.

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