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Mardi Dungey is Professor of Economics and Finance at the University of Tasmania, a Senior Research Associate at the Centre for Financial Analysis and Policy at the University of Cambridge and Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Policy at the Australian National University.

Mardi's research interests combine the empirical sides of finance and economics, particularly in her interests in the effects of financial crises on open economies and policy assessment.

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It’s poorly organised and obscure, and it’s making it harder for policy-makers to make informed decisions,' she says.'An interesting component I found is how much energy generators are changing their offerings in the wholesale electricity market in a way that is consistent with strategic advantages,' she adds.View more on Professor Mardi Dungey in WARPMardi works in applied empirical macroeconomics and finance with a particular emphasis on macroeconomic and financial system regulatory policy.Her work features novel solutions to detecting and measuring the effects of financial market shocks transmitted across the globe and the risks inherent in the financial sector for the rest of the economy.And that involves unravelling the incredibly complex global networks hidden within the data.“I'm interested in how the fragility of those networks affects how we design our markets,” says Professor Dungey.“For example, if we design them so our banks are large and interconnected, is that a good or a bad thing?”The beauty of interrogating all that data is that it’s not just giving economists the ability to forecast what the future could hold – it’s revealing things about our past that we would have never been privy to otherwise.

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