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And even though in reality they're not, we girls fight for our rights. Otherwise they know they're hitting the office on Monday mornings looking like crisp bags and wearing odd socks. You see, the thing is, I was raised in a culture where all things are (supposed to be) equal.It’s not because we want to get angry or to fight over it, it’s because we like to look for honest solutions.If on one end of a stick you have feminism and on the other end family life and motherhood, we can be on either end, simultaneously.You must know we are not revengeful if you do not eat it, but next time we go to anyone’s house there might just happen to be So be yourself! Maybe because of the current political situation, or maybe because our mothers taught us how to use a wooden rolling pin, just say what you mean and mean what you say.

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So don’t be surprised if we know how to fix the plumbing while (if we like you) dying to hold your hand. Do not be surprised if while you are trying to enjoy an Açorda de Gambas in a local restaurant, we keep telling you about all these dishes you must try in other restaurants. You must know mum does the greatest , the café shop next door the tastiest chocolate mousse on the planet and did I tell you about Grandma’s food!? We are upfront, honest, and we do not see ourselves as conservative.

He doesn't quite share his toys (that's asking too much of any man) but he does share everything else.

In the grand scheme of things, both of us are very happy with the other.

Freedom may no longer have to be our lifelong quest, but being with you, that’s our choice.

Luckily for me, he's not like the rest of his Portuguese bro's.

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