Science connection online dating

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These studies, surveys, and experts can help us all figure out what works — and maybe even up our chances.

With the caveats that some of these findings are difficult to generalize and none of this advice will help you meet your soulmate tomorrow, here are seven science-backed dating tips.

After each four-minute speed date, participants filled out a survey letting the scientists know if they felt a connection, and whether they'd like a real date.

Women looking for men can wear read for bonus points.In case you need one final push: The researchers are very clear that "the data suggested there was no such thing as too quick a reply." We've been taught that the perfect first date is something out of a rom-com starring Anne Hathaway: a candlelit dinner followed by a long walk under twinkling street lights, then a cinematic first kiss, ideally in the rain. Then you and your never-to-be are stuck awkwardly sitting in the dark over two useless courses.Actual relationship experts think you should skip the roses and caviar and a grab a drink instead.A meta-analysis in the journal Evidence Based Medicine from Queen Mary University of London found that successful online dating profile photos included not just selfies, but group photos.To really nail it, get right in the middle and touch someone else — but only on the upper arm.

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