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The Yadav do not marry outside their community but do so at the clan or lineage level and occasionally at the village level.In Uttar Pradesh, they claim to have no subgroups, hierarchy or differentiation, but in Bihar their subgroups are Kannaujiya, Kisnaut, Dandhor, Majhrot and Bhurihar.

Two of India’s very well known politicians, Laloo Prasad Yadav and Mulayam Singh Yadav, are from this community.Monogamy is the common practice, but in exceptional circumstances a second wife is allowed, for instance, if the first wife is barren.Sindur (vermilion mark), glass bangles, bindi (coloured dot on forehead), toe-rings, earrings and a nose-stud are the symbols of matrimony for women.There are also doctors, engineers, lawyers, scholars, teachers, businessmen, creative artists, sportsmen and defence and police personnel among them. Many Yadav children study to graduate and post-graduate levels.The community makes full use of modern health facilities and has adopted family planning methods.

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