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In summation, the Darboy Walmart warning isinconsistent with the known patterns associated with human traffickers (described at length in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime FAQ about human trafficking).The rumor is yet another variation on an urban legend that has circulated for at least two decades, a period during which we’ve never located any substantiated instances of such an abduction occurring.On 8 August 2016, the Appleton Police Department issued a statement via Facebook confirming that the story was “fabricated”: RUMOR CONTROL There is a good likelihood you may have seen a post on social media regarding a suspicious incident at a large box store on E. The incident reportedly occurred on Sunday afternoon.Although the person posting the information claimed the incident had been reported to the police, we didn’t have any record of a call for service in the area.These warnings posit the unlikely scenario abductors will opt to risk approaching randomly-chosen women, conspicuously attempt a questionable engagement ploy, and risk capture or notice by law enforcement agents or store security.Age-old urban legends about robbers enticing victims with perfume samples persist and evolve in large part due to the entrenched belief that criminals can and do operate in this fashion; consequently, people are primed by years of exposure to the rumors to interpret any and all atypical parking lot encounters as affirmative of near-misses with abductors: Indeed, we routinely receive e-mails from women who have had encounters with folks vending perfume in parking lots and who have concluded (based on nothing but spurious rumor) that they were about to be robbed.

Based on our investigation, we have found the incident was fabricated.

A Darboy Walmart shopper encountered human traffickers using an unexpected menstrual period as a ruse, and a nearby police officer confirmed the interaction was a "new trick" used to abduct women. A guy the next row over heard me telling her i was fine and that I’m going straight home and she started to argue with me about coming to her car and he came over and said hey how’s it going long time no see and i played along for a moment thinking i possibly knew him from work and when i turned back to tell the woman that I’m not interested she was gone. ) and said he’s up from Milwaukee visiting his mom and he’s a police officer.

To most this sounds like an innocent, kind hearted gesture from one woman to another but what she didn’t know is that i had a hysterectomy about 8 months ago…i can’t have periods.

Law enforcement sources repeatedly explain to us in response to these types of rumors that human traffickers typically recruit victims by attempting to establish relationships (and even a degree of trust) with them; abducting random victims from store parking lots via a convoluted and risky gambit doesn’t fit any known pattern of that crime.

And again, the presumptive goal of securing targets outside their vehicles could be accomplished much more efficiently by simply intercepting passersby parked in desolate areas of a parking lot with no premise for interaction required.

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