Sue bird lauren jackson dating

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There was going to be speculation, so family and friends had to know first.

I'm just glad I don't have to play against her."Away from her new courtside position, Jackson will be busy enough -- particularly when her son arrives.Not specifically, the girls know they can come to me; that's a given -- being on hand for the team."Empathy for those still pounding the boards is evident, as Jackson recalls her commentary role for the Opals' disappointing campaign at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games."I think everyone was in shock. The Opals have a tradition of success and there is an expectation that we will medal at the Olympics."Calling the games from home due to concerns over the Zika virus (for now obvious reasons), Jackson knew the ramifications of this team failing to meet public expectation."That [the Olympics] is one platform where the sport is on the front page and where people get behind it.For me as spectator and as a fan, that was one of the hardest things; this is the moment when the whole country is watching.For a number of her Opals teammates, the lure of overseas contracts proved too great -- something Jackson is pragmatic about."It's a fact of life in basketball here," she tells ESPN."We aren't even on television, which is a huge blow.We are a bit of a pathway, preparing players to dominate overseas.

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