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White Rabbit Why do women think it is alright to get their agenda's out on the table but are not interested in a guys dreams and aspirations...

And don't even think about playing the biological clock thing again because our dreams are every bit as valid as yours!!!

Don't get me wrong, I admire modern woman who aren't afraid to speak their minds, know what they want and aren't afraid to ditch any bloke whose life-goals aren't in sync with their own. News presenter Guiliana Depandi who in her book, How To Date Like A Man reveals 13 things women should never utter on the first three dates: Soul mate, destiny, rehab, baby, wedding, disease, my sister's wedding, astrology, therapist, Prozac, restraining order, ex-husband, biological clock. And have you ever sat and waited for a guy to call but he's gone MIA?

While Sarah's tale might scream like something out of a bad chick-lit novel, in reality it seems modern women have come to this false realisation that it's OK to bring up babies, marriage (and sometimes even divorce) all on the first date.To her, no time is better to spill it all out than the first or second encounter. What words scare you away on the first three dates?And if the bloke she is dating reveals he's not that into marriage or babies, (or at least not yet), then she's out the door before they've even had time to order dessert. Ladies, do you agree, or is it better to be upfront at the start?I just think it's women like this that give level-headed gals like myself a harder chance at snagging a great guy without him having constant paranoia!It's almost as if you need to state from the first date: 'You're great, but just so it's clear, I'm not planning on wanting your babies any time soon'." First up, let's address the big male enigma: why men avoid confrontation ...

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