Who is thomas sangster dating

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That's my home, and also now with self tapes, internet, Twitter, it's much easier for us on the other side of the Atlantic to have a chance at getting some more American stuff.

Q: Has it been easy for you to just walk about on the streets in London?

And it's how you deal with the fame side of things and I think it's important that I have great relationships with my family and people who have known me all my life, and actually know me for who I am, and not a media representation of myself or the characters that I play.

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I am starting to get the more adult roles now and that is more fun for me just because I have done a lot of teen roles. BRODIE-SANGSTER: Yeah, I never went to drama school or anything, I just went to a normal, standard school, in South London. It's a city that is great to get out of sometimes, as any city is, and I am happy that I have a job that allows me to do that, but then it's really nice to go back home and have those home comforts and to walk around the streets of London.

I just hope I can keep doing what I am doing and enjoying it.

Q: You look very young, was it hard sometimes to be convincing that you look older to get a role? I kind of got used to playing under my age and I don't mind that, it means I can bring, even if the character is sixteen, I can bring a certain amount of maturity to that sixteen year old.

Yeah, there was a stage, especially in my late teens where I was sick of playing sixteen and fifteen year olds going through crushes, going through puberty and stuff.

It's nice to get to play some more meaty roles and Maze Runner, although he is quite young, he is second in command and has a lot of responsibilities.

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