Who is velvet sky dating 2016

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So if we are going out there and being ‘PG' is what we need to do, that's fine. Vince [Mc Mahon] owns the company, and if he wants the company to be PG, that's fine. When he was asked by Fishman if we'd ever see another woman in the Dudleyz, Bubba was quick to lobby for someone close to his heart: It's no secret that me and Velvet Sky are together.

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While getting ready for he and his brother D-Von's latest shot at The New Day's tag team titles, Bubba Ray Dudley had time to sit down and chat with Scott Fishman at Channel Guide Magazine about his return to WWE and a few other topics.

In comparing this run to their previous times with the company, Bubba says that he's not bothered by restrictions the WWE's PG rating brings to their performance: Whether we are in a PG era or a rated-X era or Attitude Era, it's all good.

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